Farm LA was started by Jason Wood and Emily Gleicher. They’re a
local couple who have a passion for gardening and sustainable
living. They are certified (UC) Victory Gardeners.

Jason and Emily want to do something about the abundance of
underutilized land in Los Angeles. They want to repurpose this land
and turn it into land that can give back to those in need,
beautify the city and grow our future.

That’s why they started Farm LA.



At the beginning of 2018 we were asked if we wanted to grow food on a piece land owned
by an Elysian Valley, Los Angeles born and raised resident Robert Berg and his wife Janet
Workman. Here we get together with our neighbors & volunteers to maintain this farm we’ve
named Berg’s Farm LA. We currently have lima beans and sorghum growing there and will
share the harvest with our community via fruit shares, harvest parties and donating to the
Elysian Valley Senior Group as well as different organizations in Los Angeles who work with
getting organic produce to those in need. Please click “Subscribe” to subscribe to our
newsletter so you know when our next volunteer day is.

Farm LA (1st Work Day) 1-27-18-75
LA Farm Work Day 3-24-18-26


We started Farm LA creating public mini-farms on sidewalks
around Los Angeles, particularly in neighborhoods that are considered
food deserts (meaning they don’t have a walkable affordable organic
market nearby). We have implemented over 10 mini-farms in LA city
and look forward to showing neighbors how to create their
own on a shoe-string budget.

Fruit shares

The Fruit Share evolved from a community dinner we co-hosted in Elysian
Valley with River Wild. We had a discussion about “What a healthy food
economy means to you, Elysian Valley” and the one theme that continued
throughout the dinner was all the excess fruit we have in Elysian Valley
because of the rich soil and wouldn’t it be cool if we found a way to share
said fruit. So we started the Elysian Valley Fruit Share! Neighbors can
bring their excess fruits, veggies, flowers, herbs and swap them
with other neighbors’ harvests. It’s been a DE-light!
Please stay tuned for 2019 dates!

Farmers markets & health fairs

We love Markets & Health Fairs! There is no better way to meet
like-minded people. We have tabled numerous Farmers Markets and Health
Fairs to share our lima beans and promote healthy eating and drought-tolerant
agriculture. We have been lucky enough to sell our Lima Bean Kits at
Altadena Farmers Market and The Left Bank! They also live
on the shelves of popular pop-up brunch restaurant Thank You For Coming in
Atwater Village. Our hope is to have these in more stores & farmers markets one day!


We’ve been working with schools in Los Angeles to help them
maintain their school gardens and are hosting growing food 101 classes.
We believe it’s so important to learn these basics
at an early age.



Our HQ is one big
drought-tolerant agricultural farm! We had LA County Agricultural
Weights & Measures come and certify our Lima Beans and herbs.
We harvest them and make our Lima Bean Kits with them!
Click here to purchase them.



We’ve collaborated with LA Food Policy Council with other urban farmers in an
Urban Agriculture Working Group. This group focuses on the policy of Urban
Ag in LA. We’ve helped to popularize a new Incentive Zone Act,
which encourages Angelenos to convert their parcels into urban gardens
& farms in exchange for reduced property taxes, which will hopefully
create a domino effect for folks growing food on their vacant lots.


To see more about what we’re up to-
please visit our social media pages.




Join OUR DONORS and help create
a better future for Los Angeles!

as of August 2019

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Join them and help create a
better future for Los Angeles!

Next Volunteer Day: November 16, 2019 Los Angeles, 90039!

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